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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Carly's Blasphemous Controversy

The New York Times has written a story about the "controversy" surrounding Carly Smithson's song choice for ALW week. I'll let you read the story and develop your own opinion. I was very concerned when she chose this song. From my perspective, not a big deal at all. She chose a song from a VERY POPULAR and VERY WELL KNOWN broadway play. However, I was very unsure as to whether the AI voting public would read it like that . . . mix that with the tattoo and the accent, and it all makes her seem very "unamerican". Completely ridiculous . . . Carly should be in the Top 5. Ugh on America. Click the link to read the story.

Carly's Blasphemous Controversy

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L&K said...

I can see that from middle America....sadly. There was a good post-show exit interview with Carly on "Idol Extra" if you all can check it out.

Here it is on the Fox Reality Channel. Hosted by JD Roberto.

They also had The Hotness on there! and a great song and interview with Gina Glockson.