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Thursday, April 10, 2008

A Sucker Punch Down Under

Did that just happen?
It was a shocker to say the least. Lisa was excited that her bottom three played out, but we were both stunned that Aussie Mike got the boot. With all the predictions from Dial Idol and Tivo to the poll here pointing to Syesha, it seems like some shenanigans are afoot. Was Mike thrown under the bus, as they say? It sure seemed surreal.

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Rubbertoe said...

There is always a surprise...but I have to agree that it makes me wonder sometimes if the elimination actually represents the vote...or if they manipulate it in order to make for good drama. EVERYONE at my work said Syesha was going home....and I didn't talk with anyone other than here that even had Michael John in the bottom 3.....hmmmmmmmm