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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The Cuteness and The Carly Rule the Roost!

Next up . . . (drumroll) . . . THE CUTENESS! Singing the DOLLY!

DOLLY thinks the Cuteness went outside of himself by choosing "Travellin Through". This is a Great Song! And, as I said earlier, this could be a moment for JC. Great, Great, Great performance. He finally looked like he was having fun! Randy thought he was pitchy, but it picked it up through the middle. Paula thought he connected, and was just great. Simon, as per usual each year during the country themed nights, didn't get it.

I swear, they either need to bury this theme night or duck tape his mouth. It really isn't fair that he criticizes every song based on the fact that he hates country music. It just drives me nuts. In addition, he decides to let us know that he doesn't think that Carly dresses very well . . . unlike a star. Sweet Lord, put him out of OUR misery!

Overall, I thought she really, really rocked!

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