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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Idol Friendships

Just one more observation from last night:

When the Idols were in the audience to watch the Jordin/Brown was interesting to see how they paired up. Sitting together were:

Brooke and Little David - not surprising. The two mormons in the group. The interesting mix was Syesha was with them and was conversing with Brooke a lot. Little David was swamped with autograph requests.

Michael Johns and Carly - again...not surprising....the two "foreigners"....and the two oldest.....

Ramiele and Jason, Rocker David and KLC.

Also....during the recap when they all came out around the piano... Michael John gave Little David a "big brother" shoulder genuinely seemed like they all really like each other...I didn't get a vibe than anyone is an "outcast" even though I am sure the competition is fierce.

One other note: I heard that the Idols were in a club here in LA making an appearance..and apparently they were all there except for Little David.....apparently because he is under 18 he wasn't allowed in...that kinda sucks!

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