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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Rocker David, The White Coat, and the Not So Rockin Diddy

Here comes Rocker David jammin on some Our Lady Peace. The song speaks to him . . . maybe he's off his meds . . . Here we goes . . . and, er, um, what in the name of Tom Ford, is he wearing. I gots to say guys, for the first time in a while, Our Rocker David is a touch off vocally, and a little behind the music. He has recovered a bit in the middle of the song. I liked his performance because I think he is a good performer, but, this one fell a little short for me.
Randy thinks he didn't quite make it as "yo" as last week. Paula disagreed and thought he was rockin. Simon thought he was a wee bit pompous . . . I gotta agree . . . I hate it for our resident rocker boy, but it didn't quite rock my world. . .

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