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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Top 9! Its the Results, Y'all! Cue the Hallelujah Chorus!

Ok, so I promise not to write one of my neverending posts . . .

Our idols are singing 9 to 5 as their opening number. Anyone notice that Michael Johns (THE HOTNESS!) is wearing a DOLLY t-shirt! They sound suprisingly good. Overall, one of the better group numbers I've seen.

Commercial thought: I wonder if The Cuteness is thinking of our Rubbertoe . . . Hmmm . . .

And now, the recap . . . Wow, Rocker David's falsetto . . . Lil David . . . AND THE HOTNESS!

To the results. . . they show us the seats of doom and the couch of glory. Ugh, I guess we're not getting three, three, and three. First up, Michael Johns . . . and of course, The Hotness is safe!

Lil David . . . y'all know . . . Lil bit is safe! I think this one is destined for the finale.

Carly's on stage. I fear for her (and I put her in the bottom 3), but I hope she is safe. Ryan plays with her (verbally I mean) which, of course, means she is safe!

Commercial thought 2: I wonder if The Hotness currently has no idea why he is thinking about a guy named Josh in the state of Alabama . . . BUT, he is finding himself surprisingly intrigued . . . heh heh

Oh Sweet Relish, these dreaded phone calls are back. Copious amounts of ugh . . .
Ok, so KLC and Carly are cracking me up. When all of the questions go to the boys, they cracked up . . . that is cute.

Here comes the "Next Great American Band" winners, The Clark Brothers . . . and they are letting their lights shine . . . bluegrassyesqueish style. Dig the guitars.

Cue obligatory Ford Commercial - Actually pretty cute.

Results . . . David Cook . . . Cue David and the palpitations, glad he's ok. I wonder what they are doing because there is no way he is bottom 3 . . . and, he's not! The Rocker is Safe.

Ugh, here comes Ramiele. Her "quirkiness" makes me want to throw up lumpy. Ugh. CUE THE HALLELUJAH CHORUS! She is in the bottom three! Get her gone! Now, please.

KLC is on the block. She thinks she's in the bottom three... and, she is correct. KLC goes to sit next to the hobbit.

And, break.

Commercial thought 3: Who do I have to sleep with to get Ramiele removed from my television screen.

We're back and ready to hear DOLLY! Except we have to see past idols who do it country style. HEY BUCKY - Fat bottomed girls - holla!

Results . . Syesha's up next . . . which puts Brooke or The Cuteness in the bottom three. Syesha goes to the couch of glory . . . UGH!

Here come Brooke and The Cuteness. First, Brooke and The Cuteness look GREAT! If Idol stays true to form, The Cuteness will be safe since he was in the bottom three last week. And, Idol stays true to form . . . My Brookey goes to the Bottom Three.

Idol gives back promo follows . . . I'm purposely not watching as today was trying enough without crying about homeless children in Africa. I am, however, glad that Idol gives back . . .

Is it . . . Could it be . . . Our own little back woods barbie! DOLLY! Oh look, the Idol choir is backin our girl up! Dolly Parton rocks my freakin face off. "Hallelujah, Simon, how are ya?"

Dolly quote #2 Speaking to La Seacrest "I let him back into Dollywood. I've got Jesus and you've got Simon. That's all you need right, Ryan!"

Here it goes, standing according to height. Lots of people think that she talks to much, but I don't mind Brooke, because I believe she is genuine. And, she is the first to be SAFE! Holla!

Perennial bottom 3 KLC and the F'ing Pixie are the bottom two. And, KLC, you are safe! I AM SO FREAKIN HAPPY I MAY JUST RUN NAKED DOWN THE STREET! YES! HOLLA AT A PLAYA! HELLFREAKINYEAH! Alright, I'm done.

There goes another week of Idol . . .

I hope next week's theme provides the caliber of performances we saw this week . . . here's hoping.


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Rubbertoe said...

OK....I guess I can understand how you felt about Ramiele....because I have felt the same way about people in the past....just wanting them to LEAVE (Taylor Hicks, Phil Stacey, Nasal boy from last year - forgot his name already...Josh Gracin)....

But personally, I liked Ramiele...even though I don't think she lived up to her potential at all. Her downfall was the main idol choice. She has a great voice, but she picked songs that were often too low for her range and didn't give her the chance to shine. You could hear the quality of her voice in her Dolly song....when it met her range.

I actually had tears in my eyes watching her last night. She knew she was going home...she knew it when she left the stage Tues could see it in her body was inevitable....but the emotion she showed...and the support of the other idol contestants really epitomized what I love about the show. I really didn't think she was going to be able to sing last night...but when she was full of true emotion.

Aside from that.....How can anyone not love Dolly? She was so cute last night.....although...a little crazy....I love you...and you....and you are great....oh and you too....I love them all...I love everyone....I am sooo excited to be hear.
I thought she was great!