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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Brooke White is . . . Brooke White!

Alright, y'all, here we go. It's April Fools Day. . . and cue the requisite joke from La Seacrest! Up first is Brooke White, and Dolly thinks she's genuine. We HEART DOLLY! Brooke is singing "Jolene". I am so excited about this performance. Here we go, oh look, Brooke is utilizing the McPheever's box beating guy from Black Horse and the Cherry Tree circa AI 5. I'm digging this set up with the band and the back up singers. I think Brooke sounds solid and looks really good. To the judges: Randy thought it was ok, but a little pitchy. Paula thinks that Brooke White is . . . Brooke White . . . and Simon thinks she lacked emotion and some other stuff that got drowned out by the Idol music.

I kind of think they were harsh on her. I liked it. I liked the song, the look, and the band. Thought it kind of rocked.

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