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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Comments on the Song Choices -- SPOILERS anthem week is really not a lot of fun. At least on its face. Hopefully our idol wannabes will do something good for us so we don't want to slit our wrists and bleed out into the floor.

Here are some preshow thoughts:

1. Jason Castro's version of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow." One reader of suggested that Jason would pull out this version:

This is a tough call. After K. McPhee did such and incredible version of the song during season 5 and since this is one of Simon's favorite songs, I'm not sure this a great move on Jason's part. But at least he will probably do this version and he should be towards the end of the line up which may save him.

2. David Cook's choice should be good entertainment and he should rock it out. Can't embed this clip but check it out at this link:

3. Little David has made a good choice. We expect to see him at the piano for this song.

4. Syesha, Syesha, why, why, why. Syesha must you INSIST on violating EVERY Idol rule there is? This week's violation: No songs from past idols please.


J said...

Thank Goodness for the Davids, the rest of the selections look pretty yucky. I am holding out hope for Brooke White . . . she could maybe pull off some James Taylor. I fear for The Cuteness . . . and I agree . . . Syesha, Syesha, Syesha . . . you're just not that girl. STOP IT! Couldn't she possibly have a last minute change and sing En Vogue! "Oh Lord forgive me for havin straight hair . . . that doesn't mean there's other blood in my heir, yeah yeah!"

L&K said...

I know - what's up with Syesha and the rule violations! She needs to get a BIG CLUE :) I had a very positive vibe for Castro going in with that version of Rainbow though!

Rubbertoe said...

I saw this post yesterday, but ran out without clicking the never occurred to me that Castro would do the IZ version of "rainbow".....IZ is so great. I bought his CD in Kauai and everytime I hear this it brings me back to the incredible spiritualness of the north shore of Kauai.....pure paradise.