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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Live Blog . . .Tape Delayed! Are Y'all Inspired?!

Alright y'all! So, tape delayed live blog RULZ! We are currently fast forwarding through the Seinfeld commercials . . . I still want y'all to be up to the minute! :)

Alright, apparently, THIS IS AMERICAN IDOL! Y'all know!
Three nights of idol this week. Since idol is giving back to the peeps!

Here are the Idols!

The Hotness is up first! He's talking about achieving goals, etc. He is singing "Dream On" by Aerosmith. He's not quite as vocally sound this week, but my Lord, I am unable to concentrate on that point because The Hotness has me mesmerized. I think he had a very solid performance. However, no disrespect to The Hotness, but what is up with the ascot/tie esque ish thingys.
Man, he looks good.

Anyhoo, Randy thinks it was ok. He and Michael get into a bit of a tiff, and I think Michael wins Round 1. Paula thinks he looks hot and that her dogs may join him on stage . . . or something . . . and Simonista thinks that he had a good performance but was a little bit wannabeishesque.

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