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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Top 9 - THE DOLLY - A Potentially Rockin Night!

Hey y'all!

Alright, so we are a little over five hours (in my time zone) away from the idols tackling Dolly songs! I think this night could be sooooooooooo deliciously good! I'm really excited about a few of the performances: The Cuteness (Castro), Brooke, Rocker David, Lil David (depending on song choice) . . . and possibly Syesha (depending on song choice . . . in the name of Kevin Costner, please don't sing "I Will Always Love you"). In fact, if someone pulls out the BIG song, I wouldn't mind . . . wait for it . . . seeing what The Cuteness could do by actually infusing some Dolly and performing it acoustically. Also, the folks over at entertainment weekly have requested that Brooke sing "Jolene". I didn't think of it (damn it), but when I consider it, that performance could be absosmurfly rockin!

What do y'all think?

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L&K said...

We heard a rumor that the Cuteness might be singing 'I will always love you' - wouldn't that be fun???!!