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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Top 9 predictions. Which Idol Will Leave the Building?

Hey, y'all!

First off, a big shout out to our brother in idol, Rubbertoe for going to the Idol taping, that rocks! Also, he gets a shout out for the scream to The Cuteness from the mosh pit . . . little does he know there was another guy in work clothes in Alabama doing the exact same thing . . .

Anyhoo, here are me final rankings and predictions. Explanations provided in the live blog.

1. Michael Johns - I'm still slightly quivering . . .
2. Lil David - Back in the game!
3. Rocker David - He was great . . . palpatations and all!
4. Carly - Thought she brought it . . . but think she's in a spot of trouble.
5. The Cuteness - Nice job and good energy. I thought he was charming.
6. Brooke - Thought her rendition of Jolene was folksy and fun :)
7. Syesha - Would have been much higher on the list if she had done Dolly throughout
8. KLC - Second week with a very solid performance. Looked really pretty.
(Massive space the size of D.Cook's fivehead)
9. Ramiele - Not horrible, but clearly outclassed by the other eight.

America's Bottom 3: Carly, Ramiele, KLC
Eliminated: Ramiele

If they place them in three groups of three based on voting...
Top three vote getters: Lil David, Rocker David, Michael Johns
Middle Three: Brooke, The Cuteness, Syesha
Bottom Three: Carly, Ramiele, KLC


1 comment:

L&K said...

Yes MJohns was totally awesome!! and great to close the show like that - I am ready to download that song!!

I loved carly until the end...just my take on that.
totally agree on Syesha.
KLC hair looked great - I wasn't sure about the dress - maybe a little busy.
Brooke - I wanted it to be good, but I don't know - I will have to watch it again. And, I worry for her being in the first spot in terms of voting. I actually was going back in forth on my bottom three list between her and Carly - and chose Brooke due to her performing in the 1st spot.

I hope they do the groups of three too!!