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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Gettin My Recap On . . .

Ok, so, I will hold off on the rankings for a little bit. I need to mull over what I think was THE BEST overall night of the competition - HANDS DOWN! I am so happy with how amazingly good ALMOST everyone performed. It is not difficult to pick who I think was the worst of the bunch, BUT I think it will be difficult to pick who America will actually send home. In addition, I am SO torn about America's bottom three . . .Ugh!

Will be back later.

P.S. I hope the results in the top 9 are the same as they have been the past few years. Where they put the idols into three groups of three (Top vote getters, Middle, and Bottom). That might give us an idea of how everyone is actually placing. LOVE IT!

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