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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Top Nine -- How can you not love a little Dolly?

So this may be one of my favorite weeks of all time for AI. As I have mentioned previously, I love Dolly Parton and last night's good performances by all of the contestants shows that a good song makes all of the difference!

Rankings were tough for me as most everyone did really well. The difference between 2nd and 6th was next to nothing for me. So here are my rankings:

1. Aussie Mike -- The boy just does it for me. Finally he had a performance that is in line with where I thought he would be all along. I know several other bloggers on other sites have been critical of the "cheese" factor, but I just didn't see it last night. We have seen Aussie Mike being cheesy and caboret, but last night was hot.

2. David Cook -- He is just a great artist. Love the new hair cut, love that he went out and did his own arrangement, not my favorite song of his, but he is a great performer. He was not my orignal #2, but after contemplating overnight about all of the performances, he came in second in my final tally.

3. Little David -- you can't deny his unbelievable voice. He will still probably win the whole competition.

4. Carly -- good choice of song and excellent performance. I agree with Simon somewhat about the waredrobe choices; there's just something no quite right about her clothes. I think that it is the European influence, maybe?

5. Jason -- got to love him. I thought it was a great song choice for him and especially in the second half of the song, I felt like he was really connecting with the music and lyrics.

6. Brooke -- She is really good. Almost to me has a Carly Simon vibe about her. Her music is pure, I loved the combo on stage even if the judges didn't/

7. Syesha -- Will someone PLEASE tell the idol contestants that Whitney covers are not good song choices? I said to Josh yesterday that if Syesha sings the Dolly version this will be ok, if she sings the Whitney version it will be weak. So when Syesha combines both versions, I think our fears became even more obvious because the Dolly part of the song was awesome, the Whitney part was just mediocre.

8. KLC -- On a week when she should have knocked it out of the park, she was good, but not great. I really thought she sang the song well, but I think she could have really benefited from another song choice. Like maybe a more bluegrassy song from Dolly's "The grass is blue" album. Maybe "Silver Dagger"? I think that might have shown a little more depth to her performance.

9. Ramiele -- Bad song choice for her because no one will ever remember that performance. I would have thought her gay boyfriends would have helped her pick a better song.

Bottom 3 predictions: Ramiele, KLC, Carly
Going home: Ramiele

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